We have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of real estate, which includes drafting of various conveyances such as deeds for sale and lease, development agreements, joint venture agreements, collaboration agreements. Apart from drafting of wide spectrum of transactional documents, we have also assisted clients in taking-over and acquiring access to thousands of immovable properties and consequently we have been involved in the major real estate transactions across Delhi NCR. The firm also provides all legal services related to residential, commercial and industrial developments of property, construction contracts, stamp duty, registration of documents and other relevant issues. Mr Gupta’s experience in real estate matters has also enabled him to actively participate in application and implication of Master Plan of Delhi 2001 and Master Plan of Delhi 2021. We also solicit advice to clients ranging from individuals and corporates to non-profit organisations in all civil matters.

Our concerted efforts makes us experts in cases of ‘arbitration’ where we are known to take to alternate ways to resolve disputes without having to go to court.

We specialise in civil litigation representing clients across a broad spectrum of associated proceedings, including pre-trial hearings and depositions, before administrative agencies or court personnel.

Assisting with signed legal documentations that shows a title or deed has been transferred. In simpler words, transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another.

Verifying the document issued by the registration authority which is needed in property transaction as an evidence of free title and ownership.

Land use and implications as per provisions of the Master plan of Delhi.

Properties consisting of land and buildings on it, immovable properties and its related issues.